Sultan Bahoo Books

It is a fact that he did not get any sort of education from school and college. Even then there are at least 140 Sultan Bahoo books. All of his books are in Persian except Abyat-e-Bahoo which is written in Punjabi.

Sunna of Prophet Mohammad

It is important to mention that he could not read or write like Prophet Mohammad. As there is not any verse of Quran or Hadith written by the Prophet Mohammad himself, likewise, there is no hand written document or script of Sultan Bahoo books could be available.

Sultan Bahoo Books Miracle

His books are full of mystic and Divine knowledge. Moreover, he proclaims that if someone is unable to find a spiritual guide, he should not be disappointed. Rather he should read my books with pure inward. Then these will become his guide and will take him to the court of perfect spiritual guide.

Risala Roohi Sharif

Such sort of proclamation is present in almost all of Sultan Bahoo books with small change of words. As he says in his book named Risala Roohi Sharif:

  • If a Saint of spiritual union is banished from the spiritual world or from the angelic hence, demoted from his rank. Yet he seeks mediation of this treatise. Then it will prove a perfect spiritual guide for him. If he does not make it his mediator, he is liable but if he does, then we are responsible to elevate him back to his status.

Writing Style of Sultan Bahoo Books

His writing style is full of simplicity and thus, easy to understand no matter if a person is less educated.

Secondly he uses verses, Hadiths and Qudsi Hadiths as per need of the statement. If these verses or Hadiths are removed, the actual meaning of the statement remains unexplained. Moreover, he uses poetry on different occassion which enhances the beauty of his writing in addition to making the meaning clear.


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